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Prenatal Pilates

For Moms-to-be, The Pilates Programme offers on-demand, pregnancy specific classes including Barre, Burn & Sculpt and Dynamic Pilates. We also have a NEW 4-Week Prenatal Programme for you to follow if you want to add structure to your Pilates practice (see Programmes).

As a Physiotherapist I know the importance of keeping fit and active during your pregnancy and the benefits it has both for you and your baby. This is such an exciting time in your life and I’m so excited to train and connect with you on your journey to motherhood.

Please see below a guideline of what is safe for you to do throughout your pregnancy and what to avoid. But, bear in mind, because I’m not there with you and I’m not aware of your medical history or stage of pregnancy, its important you liaise with your GP before starting or continuing with The Pilates Programme while pregnant.

Tips for Prenatal Pilates

Please watch the Prenatal video before you begin The Pilates Programme to familiarise yourself with how to modify all classes in the on-demand library!

Remember, if you’re not comfortable tailoring the classes to suit you, then you can stick to the Prenatal specific classes.

After your first trimester, avoid exercises lying on your back. This includes the abdominal series and bridge series. And of course, no more lying on your front.

Don’t exhaust yourself. Go at a pace that feels right for you, using modifications as you feel you need to.

Choose the low impact modifications to the exercises. Jumping exercises can put quite a bit of pressure on your pelvic floor.

Stay hydrated during the classes and stop and take breaks whenever you need to.

Standing squats, all-four series and side lying exercises are great to strengthen your glutes which will really help reduce the risk of developing back pain as you progress through your pregnancy. These exercises will be your go-to!

What your body is doing is so amazing and I’m so proud of you for taking time to focus on you. Remember, I am here to support you on this journey so please feel free to contact me and I will help you in any way I can.