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28 Day Pilates Challenge

Starts Monday 5th September

The goal of this 28 day challenge is to incorporate Pilates into your routine consistently for 28 days. You will do 6 classes each week and the classes will range from 15-minutes to 40-minutes. You will experience different styles of Pilates including Barre, Cardio, Sculpt and Traditional Pilates. 

You will experience the incredible benefits of Pilates in these 28 days. You will feel stronger, both mentally and physically and your mood and energy will be improved. Committing to this challenge will help you incorporate movement into your day long after the challenge has ended.  

Want more of a challenge? Join Aoife by committing to a 30-minute walk every day for the 28 days.

*PS - swap around classes to suit your schedule 

Week 1.

Monday – Arms, Abs & Booty

Tuesday - Barre 6th September

Wednesday - Cardio Abs

Thursday - Burn & Sculpt 8th September

Friday - 15-Minute Arms & Abs

Saturday - Cardio Burn 10th September

Sunday - Rest or 30-Minute Walk

Week 2.

Monday - Cardio Sculpt 2 

Tuesday - Barre 13th September

Wednesday - Traditional 8

Thursday - Burn & Sculpt 15th September

Friday - 15-Minute Abs & Waist

Saturday - Cardio Burn 17th September

Sunday - Rest or 30-Minute Walk

Week 3.

Monday - NEW! Arms, Abs & Booty 2

Tuesday - Barre 20th September

Wednesday - Legs & Booty Burn 2

Thursday - Burn & Sculpt 22nd September

Friday - 15-Minute Booty Burn

Saturday - Cardio Burn 24th September

Sunday - Rest or 30-Minute Walk

Week 4.

Monday - Abs & Booty

Tuesday - Barre 27th September

Wednesday – Traditional 7

Thursday - Burn & Sculpt 29th September

Friday - NEW! 17-Minute Barre Legs

Saturday - Cardio Burn 1st October

Sunday - Rest or 30-Minute Walk

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