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Why you need to start Pilates if you suffer with back pain

We all know how incredibly debilitating back pain can be and without doubt, most of us have experienced it at some time or another. So, let’s talk about why Pilates is so beneficial when it comes to managing and reducing the risk of back pain and why so many professionals, including Doctors and Physiotherapists, advocate for it. 

Back pain can occur for a number of reasons. Of course, everyone and every case is different, but typically, the root cause of back pain can be posture related or due to a lack of muscle strength, muscle imbalances or tension. These issues cause trouble over time and then something as simple as bending down or turning around can bring on an episode of pain. 

Sound familiar? If you can relate to this, then keep reading to see how Pilates can help you. 

Pilates Improves Posture

Pilates focuses on posture and alignment like no other form of exercise. And we’re not just talking about rolling your shoulders back and standing straight. It helps us improve our posture and alignment in our whole body, in particular around the pelvis which can be a big contributor to back pain. 

Pilates Increases Core Strength

We don’t mean working our core with 100’s of crunches and sit up’s, Pilates goes much deeper than that, literally. Building your core strength in Pilates, means you will work all of your core muscles in every exercise that you do. Especially your deeper core muscles, called the transverse abdominus. Without boring you with the medical jargon, this muscle is like a corset that wraps around your tummy and will quite literally give your back support in your day-to-day life. Building strength in this muscle is what will really make the difference when it comes to reducing your risk of back pain. 

Pilates Improves Flexibility & Mobility

Pilates helps to improve your flexibility, mobility and releases tension in the body. Very often, areas of tightness in our hips, neck and back can contribute to pain. This is particularly common if you sit a lot at work or if you're in one position for long periods during the day.

In Pilates, you work on gently opening up the body to address areas of tightness. Over time, your flexibility and mobility will greatly improve and you will hold less tension in the body.

So, if you want to dive into TPP’s Back Specific Pilates classes, we have a library of classes to choose from and we have listed our favourites below:

Back Specific Pilates 1, 2, 3

Back Pain Relief 

Core & Hip Focus

Hip & Glute Focus

If you prefer to follow a structured programme, we also have a 4-Week Back Specific Programme you can follow, with a very manageable 3 x Pilates classes scheduled a week. 

Let’s hear from one of our members:

“I had chronic lower back pain for years and my physio had recommended core strengthening exercises. I was mostly non-compliant with these. I started The Pilates Programme 10 months ago and am now pain free and even have some abs!! I can actually stand for longer than 10 minutes without looking for a seat, I feel so much stronger! I find Aoife so knowledgeable, gentle and easy to listen to. The classes suit my busy home and work life as I can pick and choose which length classes I can fit in. I highly recommend The Pilates Programme, life changing for me!”

Claire F

*If your pain is persistent, ensure you seek an assessment from your GP or Physiotherapist. The Pilates Programme Back Specific Classes are recommended for people who have been assessed by a professional and advised to start Pilates.